Top 7 Most Effective Digital Marketing Strategies

Top 7 Most Effective Digital Marketing Strategies

With the rapid development of technology and its involvement in all areas of our lives, many routines such as communication preferences, social activities, and consumption habits are now moving to digital environments. It digitizes the marketing activities, too. Digital marketing is now vital for every business engaged in commercial activity at any scale. Thus, as the competitive environment heats up, an intense race begins to get the best results in the digital. So, which channels and strategies you should use to run a successful digital marketing campaign? We've compiled the 7 most effective digital marketing strategies to help you answer all of these questions!

Top 7 most effective digital marketing strategies

1) Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a strategy that involves your digital marketing practices for would-be customers in your brand's products or services by narrowing your target audience in a way you can pinpoint. When doing inbound marketing, you should consider your communication stage with both your existing customers and potential customers. By doing that, you can group your target audience and develop different strategies meeting the needs of each group, as well as increase your digital marketing efficiency. To achieve this, content is the leading essential point you should aim for. Whichever method you use in inbound marketing, such as social media marketing, email marketing, or search engine marketing, your main goal should be to create relevant content that meets the needs of your target audience and answers their questions. To run a successful inbound marketing campaign that will help you create brand loyalty with your existing customers and attract your potential customers' purchasing behaviour by creating effective and original content, you should;

  • Get to know your target audience better, group them, and clearly define the needs of each group,
  • Analyze your social media performance,
  • Look for the questions of your target audience about your operational field and what they search for in this context,
  • Identify the featured keywords by analyzing searches,
  • Create SEO-friendly original content based on your identified keywords,
  • Include these contents in the most appropriate channels for your target audience with the most appropriate methods.

2) Outbound Marketing

Based on traditional forms of marketing in principle, outbound marketing a digital marketing strategy to reach the would-be customers of your products or services in your new market. It also clears the path for you to do inbound marketing. In outbound marketing, your target is not your potential customers and existing customers as in inbound marketing, but the potential target audience. In short, your goal is to pinpoint your target audience and create a guide for your next digital marketing practices. There are many methods you can use in outbound marketing. Some of these methods include sending e-mails or SMS to the potential target audience, advertising on social networks, posting newsletters, and using banner ads. For an effective outbound marketing campaign, you should;

  • Clarify the audience you intend to attract,
  • Determine your strengths and weaknesses by making competitor analysis,
  • Strive to use channels that will increase engagement,
  • Create content that will allow you to get leads.

3) Remarketing

Remarketing is a digital marketing strategy which aims to reactivate the audience who have already interacted with your brand for various goals. In the remarketing strategy, the effects and results previous digital marketing campaigns should be considered to re-engage with the re-interacted audience with a positive outcome. These methods are identified based on the determined goals. The goals may be to collect leads, make purchasing decisions, increase brand awareness, or improve your brand image. Methods can also be varied based on a goal, such as e-mail marketing, content marketing, and social media communication. To run an effective remarketing campaign, you should;

  • Ensure that your goals are clear and measurable,
  • Analyze the target audience data better,
  • Determine your communication stage with your target audience,
  • Prefer channels with high engagement potential,
  • Avoid being persistent while planning interaction frequency.

4) Content Marketing

Content marketing, one of the most effective digital marketing methods, is used brands to connect with their target audience in digital. Content marketing aims to deliver the information about your product or service your target audience is looking for to them, guide them in a way, and transform the audience into potential customers while doing this. Attracting interest, gaining trust and evaluating various platforms are among the key points of an effective content marketing. Thus, you can gain more online traffic, create brand awareness, and increase your recognition. For successful content marketing, you should;

  • Get to know your audience better and learn the answers they are looking for,
  • Determine the platforms your target audience actively uses,
  • Create SEO-friendly blog content,
  • Utilize podcast and video contents that are easily consumed,
  • Ensure that all the content types you create are original,
  • Integrate highly engaging elements to your contents as much as possible,
  • Monitor the performance of your content and shape your content marketing strategy by using this data.

5) SEO and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Regardless of their size, SEO and Search Engine Marketing is a must for businesses intending to exist in the digital world today. The first rule of accessing information in the technology age is to look for the answers in search engines. Learning the details of a product or service, having information about the issues concerning us, discovering people's experiences, and purchasing are now turning into our online actions. In doing so, we also visit the websites featured on engine searches, get closer to the brands if we see its name in the top ranks more, and keep its name at the back of our minds. Considering that more than 4 billion searches are made on Google every day, it wouldn't be wrong to say that search engine marketing and SEO are vital. For an effective SEO and search engine marketing, you should;

  • Analyze which searches drive traffic to your website,
  • Identify featured keywords,
  • Create SEO-friendly original content with your identified keywords,
  • Optimize your content for search engines,
  • Increase your website traffic by regularly advertising your content with the PPC method called Pay Per Click,
  • Remember that organic traffic is always more valuable. The thing here is to use them in balance by integrating both methods.

6) Social Media Marketing

Studies show that younger audiences in particular spend a great deal of their daily time on social media, such as 9 hours a day. All aside, this figure alone proves the importance of social media in digital marketing. As one of the most effective digital marketing strategies, social media marketing involves maintaining communication by appearing on social media platforms the target audience spends the most time. Which social media platforms a business should use depends on its target audience. Such that, while social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok step forth for target B2C structures, social media platforms such as LinkedIn can be far more effective for B2B structures. There are two ways of making social media marketing: organic and inorganic. Creating posts for your existing audience to increase engagement, posts going viral naturally, thus contributing to brand awareness are included in the organic methods. However, inorganic methods mean determining your targeted potential audience and introducing yourself to them with paid advertisements, that is sponsored content. The integrated and balanced use of both methods is important for social media marketing, as is the case with SEM.

7) Influencer Marketing

Another of the most effective digital marketing strategies is influencer marketing. In the simplest terms, influencer marketing is involving Influencers, the social media phenomenon, to promote your products and services and strengthen the brand perception. Today, a significant proportion of social media users are affected by Influencers and their recommendations while making a purchasing decision. Therefore, we can say that influencer marketing increasingly secures its position among digital marketing strategies. For an effective influencer marketing strategy, you should;

  • Know the dynamics of social media platforms better,
  • Determine the platforms your target audience actively uses,
  • Analyze their interests on social media,
  • Get to know the social media influencers they follow and trust,
  • Ensure that the influencers you intend to collaborate with are relevant for your brand and your target audience.