What Is SEO-Friendly Content?

What Is SEO-Friendly Content?

Online content, created by respecting the rules that search engines use for offering unique and original information on web pages, is defined as SEO-friendly. An online content, which includes the right keywords, climbs to the top in search engine results. Being shown at the top with SEO-friendly content allows your target audience to see you first when they search for something related to your field, get the answers to their questions from you and to get to know you.

This algorithm, defined as search engine optimization, also provides several technical tools and technologies that you can benefit from. However, the key to real success is content. Without well-planned, original content, it just isn’t possible to climb to the top of the results in search engines. So, how do we ensure that? Here are some tips!

Start by analyzing

Before you begin to create content, do your homework and study trend analyses in search engines to find out which keywords users prefer when searching for something in your particular field. Also pay attention to the subjects, verbs and clauses used in searches. This is you have an idea about which keywords your content should contain.

Include the keywords you want to be searched in the title

The content you create should have a title that includes the keywords you want to be searched. For instance, if you want to appear at the top of the results when searched for “What is SEO-friendly content?”, then the title of your post should be “What is SEO-friendly content?”. 

Create original content

With respect to SEO-friendly content, originality is as important as keywords. Even if you make use of other online resources, you should not just copy and paste the text and instead, include details to differentiate yours from other similar content and construct it in a way to have your uniquely personal touches. This is how you can stand out among the competitors and make sure that your target audience refers to you for useful, comprehensive content.

Focus on delivering easy-to-read content

Your content should definitely have a title, a body about the topic and sub-headers to detail the post. In order to create content that people will easily read and enjoy, you should include a short introduction, observe the 6Ws and avoid sub-headers with the same words. You may also use bullet points to improve fluency if your topic allows.

Use keywords in a balanced manner

To ensure ranking high in search engine results, you need to place the keywords within the body in a balanced manner and avoid intense use. The keyword to body ratio or keyword density should not exceed 4%, meaning that you should not throw in as many keywords as possible or write too long sentences that would potentially damage the integrity and meaning of the content. And while you observe all of these rules, you should also do grammar and spelling check.