LinkedIn as a digital marketing tool

LinkedIn as a digital marketing tool

LinkedIn is a social network used by professionals to build business network with over 630 million users worldwide as of 2020. Professionals appear in this platform with their CVs; in other words, their career experiences. They are able to expand their networks by connecting professionals from many sectors, interact with their group through the posts and find significant business opportunities both for themselves and the companies they work.

What does the research say about LinkedIn?

  • LinkedIn has an impact on 4 out of 5 members in their professional decisions.
  • The purchasing power of the LinkedIn users is two times more than the average internet users.
  • LinkedIn is in the first place as the most powerful social network for B2B lead projects according to marketing experts.

LinkedIn is an effective tool for digital marketing, thanks to these features. Yet, professionals commonly ignore its power since it is a slightly expensive network. However, LinkedIn needs to attain a great place in digital marketing projects because of its extensive use in the business world. There is a need for an influential LinkedIn profile to achieve this. But how?

5 tips for an influential LinkedIn profile

Your profile must be relevant and up to date with your work area, you must follow relevant people and know all the tools of LinkedIn to use it as a useful marketing tool. Follow the steps given below to achieve this.

Be up-to-date

Keeping your LinkedIn profile up-to-date is of great importance to show yourself in the sector. This simple method not only informs your connections but also allows them to consider you as an essential contact in the industry.

Upload portfolio

LinkedIn is an online shop window for both your career and your company. Share your portfolio, make your achievements visible on LinkedIn to take advantage of your shop window. Don't forget keywords, don’t share duplicated content, and only share relevant posts that will drive traffic to your company page while sharing your portfolio.

Join LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn has a broad range of groups to suit every profession and industry. You can search for and join groups that are related to your target sectors and areas in order to open sector-specific discussions centered around information exchange or to share with potential customers. You can understand and meet your customers' demands through these groups, which provide the opportunity to follow industry trends and innovations. Thanks to this, you can position yourself as the agenda setter in the sector and be a reliable source of information by maintaining your relationships healthy.

Share blog posts and presentations

You should definitely take advantage of your blog if you have one as LinkedIn allows you to add a blog to your profile. It will help drive traffic to your website by automatically directing new posts to your profile. Moreover, if you have created a presentation or organized a training at work - share it on LinkedIn so that you can get feedback, win general approval, and help others consider you as an involved contact in the industry.

Use LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn's publishing platform Pulse is another effective method to grow your reach and drive interaction. Pulse aims to publish long-form content directly; such as articles on LinkedIn. Long-form content is crucial for reinforcing your position in the sector. Your network automatically receives a notification about the article and its title when you post on Pulse. So, your network can click on your articles as they do for your status updates. Moreover, articles posted on Pulse are visible both on and off LinkedIn - in other words, on search engines. This allows you to grow your reach further.

Post updates

Share the events you are invited and where you will be a speaker. In this way, you can both benefit your target audience and also drive more connections from your sector by gaining attention.

Be honest and sincere

While addressing your target audience on LinkedIn, talking about yourself and your company - be honest and sincere. So, you can receive positive reactions and become an important name frequently followed by your connections. Lastly, use LinkedIn only for career and development.

How to effectively use LinkedIn in digital marketing?

Now that your LinkedIn profile is perfect, you can start using it as a tool for your digital marketing activities. How? We are sure the steps below will guide you!

Take advantage of community features

LinkedIn includes a range of community features that allow people to interact with certain connections. These features support interactions which have a value in forming new connections and building relationships. You can make a great stride in positioning yourself as you intend in the sector through participating in communities. Let's take a look at the advantages of community features:

Groups - Create groups relevant to your interests or join other groups in your area of expertise. This makes it easy to find people interested in your brand and services. It's also a great place to learn more about your own sector.

Answers - Share your business knowledge; ask questions, answer other's questions, or interact with others in your sector to get feedback. Thus, you can gain your connections' trust and appreciation by guiding them.

Company Pages - Learning about competitors is of great importance to evaluate your own performance and to determine your strengths and weaknesses. Discovering other companies in your profession is a noteworthy method to publish a new company profile, add information about products and services, and explore new business opportunities.

Learn about competitors

Analyzing your competitors is essential to determine your strengths and weaknesses. Discover companies in your field. Search their posts, their products, services and digital activities.

Reach potential customers

It is much easier to reach potential customers with a network. Check whether the potential customers have a common connection with you if you're not directly connected with them. Keep in mind that one of your connections may introduce you to one of their connections.


LinkedIn allows you to advertise. A platform such as LinkedIn through which you can pinpoint your target group can be an effective way to reach your target market if your company has a budget allocated to advertising.

Use Sales Navigator

Another tool in LinkedIn, Sales Navigator focuses on digital sales and finding the right potential leads against time. You can use Sales Navigator's Lead Builder to create lead lists through LinkedIn's advanced search filters. You can register up to 3,000 potential customers and get real-time updates of everyone you register.  In other words, you are informed about company updates or whenever individuals & companies are mentioned in the news. Sales Navigator also creates sales tips which are customized and based on previously saved leads. Information such as who viewed your profile and who on your team is a connection with your potential customers to pave the way for hot promotions allows you to build purposeful relationships that are more likely to drive sales. Furthermore, you can even send InMail to your potential customers. InMail is proven to receive higher response rates than calls or e-mails. You can increase your social selling index by 20% in this way.

Take advantage of LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI)

You can measure your effectiveness through LinkedIn's Social Selling Index after applying these simple strategies. LinkedIn Social Selling Index is a quick and easy-to-use measurement tool that analyzes how effective you are at establishing your professional brand, finding the right people, engaging with insights, and building relationships. You can weekly graph your progress and compare yourself with people both in your sector and network.

Analyze the data

LinkedIn has its own analytics that shows your content's impact. Check your rank against your competitors and optimize your content accordingly. You can develop a much better content fit for your target market in this way.