What is Domain Name?

What is Domain Name?

The system called domain name is the way numerical addresses are expressed in words. Websites publish their files via multiple servers. You use the browsers on your computer to access these servers remotely and open the files. In other words, you retrieve files encrypted with logos, images and texts from a remote server, render them via your computer’s browsers and access all of these on a website.

Why do we need a domain name?

Accessing a network made up numbers simply by typing the numerals into your web browser is not possible. This would be like coming across thousands of randomly arranged 10- 11- digit variations when you search for a specific number in a street. This is because Internet networks made up of numbers contain different combinations for different purposes. This is where domain name comes in to save us. Domain names are determined by ICANN, a not-for-profit and fully independent organization that serves the entire world, particularly after the recent regulatory changes. Each domain name has a numerical address, to which your computer takes you via name servers. Enabling users to find you with the names of the products or services they search for is particularly important in terms of your digital marketing. At first, domain names could only contain Latin alphabet but nowadays, they can also contain letters from the owners’ own alphabets, playing a role in reaching your target audience. Today, people starting a new business first check to see if relevant domain names are already purchased with respect to the product or service they offer, and if available, they may decide to use the domain name as the name of their business. So, having an easy address is one of the most important rules of digital marketing. At this point, you should understand how domain names work and grasp that they are not there only for the sake of launching a website, and choosing a domain name requires the right name and extension to match the needs.

Tips for choosing the right domain name

  • Before deciding on a domain name, identify the key words that best describe your product or service.
  • Find an easy and memorable domain name.
  • Create the domain name with letters and avoid using numbers and other signs, unless absolutely necessary.
  • Keep the domain name length within maximum 10 letters.
  • In order to avoid misunderstanding and directing users to wrong addresses, prefer words that can be easily pronounced and typed.
  • Choose a domain name that is associated with your brand. If you are starting a new business, consider making the domain name your brand.
  • Get domain names for your projects, investments and important people like the CEO so that users can reach you more easily.

* Try to buy the domain name for a very long time to ensure that you do not lose it later and allow others to take it.